"The end-to-end procurement intelligence support by Pure Research helps us remain aware of the key happenings in our categories and supply chain. At the same time, it frees-up the time of our procurement team to focus on strategic tasks like improving supplier relationship management "

Head of Procurement, Leading Retail Bank

Actionable market intelligence to enable proactive procurement

As procurement organizations across the globe shift focus from cost to value, a ‘need to know’ attitude can clearly be seen emerging among procurement professionals. CPO’s want more actionable intelligence about their suppliers, supply chains, and procurement categories, to be in a position to plan and act proactively.

Our Procurement Intelligence solutions provide comprehensive, critical, and actionable information at all stages of procurement lifecycle. Our in-house databases of 5,000+ online information sources and of more than 1.5 million suppliers worldwide enables our team of experienced procurement analysts to generate actionable intelligence and insights for CPOs, category managers, and other stakeholders.

Our Procurement Intelligence Solutions enable CPOs to:

  • Measure and benchmark performance of incumbent suppliers.
  • Spot early warning signals related to supply chain risk.
  • Meet compliance requirements related to supplier monitoring.
  • Track evolution of procurement categories.
  • Ensure sustainability of supply chain.
  • Strengthen supplier relationships.
  • Discover new and niche suppliers.
  • Identify levers for negotiations and cost saving.


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Supply Chain Risk Management: Increase visibility into your n-tier supply chain, through supply chain mapping and ongoing monitoring of the critical suppliers. Also, on-going monitoring of key risk indicators to spot risk signals in your supply chain.

Supplier Risk Assessment: In-depth Business, Financial, and Sustainability assessment of your critical suppliers, and on-going market intelligence on suppliers and supply markets to uncover any and every risk, your critical suppliers might be exposed to.

Category Intelligence: Actionable market intelligence on your key procurement categories, to help you in category strategy development. Also identify category best practices that should help you manage the evolving category landscape.

Sourcing Intelligence: In-depth Intelligence and Analytical Insights to assist you with your strategic and tactical sourcing requirements, that will help you reduce total cost of sourcing, reduce sourcing time, broaden your supplier portfolio, and improve negotiation intelligence.

Sustainable Procurement Intelligence: Comprehensive assessment of sustainability performance of your suppliers to identify risks and opportunities due to environmental, social and governance performance of suppliers. Also, identify sustainability best practices to help suppliers improve their sustainability performance.

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