Financial Research : ESG Research

Customised ESG research and intelligence to help you with better ESG integration

The past decade has seen a rising trend of long term investors getting more inclined towards sustainable and responsible investing and investment managers are adopting ESG research as a part of their research methodology and decision making process. The rising count of UNPRI signatories is a testament to the fact that many asset owners, investment managers, sell-side firms and professional services firms have adopted ESG research. Our customised ESG research solutions can be used by sell-side as well as buy-side firms to enhance and augment their ESG research capabilities.

Sample use cases for Buy Side firms:

  • If you are already using ESG research in your investment management process, we can provide on-demand or ongoing research support to free-up your resources. You can also enhance the depth of ESG integration by using our services. For example, moving from exclusion sector screening to ESG assessments, or augmenting ESG assessments with on-going ESG intelligence.
  • If you are planning to use ESG research, we can help you get moving by creating a customised assessment framework for you, depending on your investment objectives and priorities.
  • We help our clients discover investment ideas (companies) focused on specific ESG themes such as clean energy, sustainable infrastructure, social equity, community capacity building, renewable energy, microfinance etc. in various countries, including emerging markets.
  • We also help buy-side firms prepare for engagement with portfolio companies, with a list of key sustainability issues that need to be discussed.

Sample use cases for Sell Side firms and Rating agencies:

  • We can augment your research team by off-loading parts of your ESG research process, or initiating coverage on new companies and markets with a sustainability focus.
  • We can help you author thought-leadership content focused on specific sustainability themes, country risks, industry best practices etc

ESG Assessments and Intelligence

  • Customised ESG ratings
  • Exclusion sector screening
  • ESG performance dashboards
  • In-depth and easy to understand reports highlighting risks and opportunities
  • Portfolio monitoring for ESG issues
  • ESG performance dashboards

Other Research Services

  • Preparing for meetings with management of portfolio companies
  • Industry best practices and benchmarking reports
  • Reports highlighting country specific sustainability issues
  • In-depth thematic reports
  • Monitoring support for thematic investors
  • Identification of Networking/ Conference Opportunities